Medical Response Alarms 

Alarm-Tec Medical Response Alarms are powered by Tunstall. They are the latest technology in the field of Medical Alarms. Tunstall are world leaders in this field. 
Our MyAmie Pendant is small, robust and waterproof, and is ideal for use for an elderly relative living on their own, or anyone with a disability. They are an ideal solution for bathing as unfortunately a lot of accidents happen in the bathroom. These are connected to our 24 hour Emergency Response Monitoring Station, where a highly trained member of the Tunstall staff will speak to the person through our Lifeline VI+ Unit on an activation to assess the situation and contact keyholders and emergency services if needed. They are a great cost effective solution for anyone who doesn't meet the requirements for the Senior Alert Scheme. 

 Solutions for the Healthcare Sector 

We partner with hospitals, nursing homes, residential and social care providers to deliver ‘best in class’ solutions to both their consumers and employees. 

 Solutions for an Individual 

We provide families and their loved ones with the peace of mind that they are being taken care of by providing them with the best possible solutions. 

 Mobile Devices  

At Tunstall Emergency Response, we provide the most up to date and modern technology to support people in the home and within the medical care system. 
Alarm-Tec Offer a broad range of Connected Care & Health solutions designed to help older people and those with long-term needs to live more independently, and with an improved quality of life. 
Care Assist Medical Alarms
Care Assist 
As a carer, living on-site or in-home with an elderly or vulnerable person, it is important to be able to effectively monitor your patient or loved one to ensure that they are always comfortable, safe and well. 
However, it is not always possible to be available 24/7 for your patient or loved one. 
At Tunstall Emergency Response, we understand that and so we have developed a range of products that can intuitively sense the needs of your patient, family member or friend and alert you to those needs as they arise. 
DDA Pager - Wrist Sensor
DDA Pager - Wrist Sensor 
The DDA pager solutions immediately alert telecare users or their in home carers when a telecare alarm is generated. They are particularly useful for telecare users with hearing impairments or for live in carers or family members who need to be notified quickly if the person they are caring for needs help. 
Medical Alarm & Fall Badge
Alarm & Fall Badge 
The P135A Alarm Badge is a small alarm detector capable of: 
Calling for assistance when pressed 
When stood on a table it can be used as a “knock-over” alarm to 
summon assistance. 
Detects Wandering using radio signal strength 
Detects potential Hypothermia (low temperature for prolonged time) 
Outdoor range of 450m 
Antibacterial plastic 
Use with Alert-It Pager only. 
Care Assist Pager
Care Assist Pager 
Portable, efficient and personal. 
The CareAssist is a portable telecare alarm that can receive telecare alerts and display not only the type of sensor activated but also either the location of the sensor or the name of the person the sensor has been assigned to. This means that onsite carers can be quickly made aware of any incidents allowing them to provide a high level of care whilst maximising their efficiency. 
Pebble Personal Alarm
Pebble Personal Alarm 
The PEBBELL is a personal alarm device with location reporting that combines roaming GSM (mobile communication) and GPS (satellite-based navigation) technologies and is the size of a security key fob for ease of wearing on a lanyard or key-ring. 
Motion Detector
Motion Detector 
A discreet detection unit with an infra red motion detector remote from the bed. The alarm is raised as soon as the users foot descends to the floor. The same sensor can be positioned to detect them sitting up, leaving a room, or entering a dangerous area. It can also detect door usage, where a door may be left open and replacing door mats which can be a trip hazard. 
Onyx Personal Alarm from Alarm-Tec
Onyx Personal Alarm 
The Onyx personal alarm is the world’s first jewellery inspired personal alarm. 
Disguised as a piece of jewellery,the Onyx eliminates stigma and conceals vulnerability. 
Accessories are also available so the Onyx can be worn in a variety of ways.  
All accessories are washable and neck accessories are quick release. 
Onyx has a visual LED light when pressed. 
Smart Hub supplied by Alarm-Tec Security Solutions
Click to play Video 
Smart Hub 
The Smart Hub is Tunstall Emergency Response’s first IP home unit, opening a new world of possibilities for the provision of care in the home. The advent of IP and mobile technology means that for the first time all elements of Connected Care can link together. 
With digital connectivity and Tunstall’s new Device Management Platform (DMP), the Smart Hub provides a ground-breaking, future-proof foundation for the delivery of Connected Care. 
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