Intruder Alarms FAQ's 

We advise that you have your alarm serviced annually. 
We advise that your battery be replaced about every 4 years, this can be done on one of the regular services to keep the cost down. This also keeps the system running right. 
Yes your shed can be alarmed. Our systems are Hybrid, which means that both wired and wireless sensors can be connected to it. We can install a wireless device in your shed to alarm it and protect its contents. This is a cost effective way of doing this, some companies would want to run a cable out. This means spending time getting a cable from your alarm panel to your shed, which takes time and would require heavy drilling. 
Unlike some other companies, who connect their alarms directly by a cable to your internet modem so you can have their app, when you choose an Alarm-Tec alarm, it uses a GSM to provide access to the app. You can still use your app for your alarm. The app will also notify you if your electricity does go off. 
Yes your existing sensors can be connected to a new alarm, our systems are a Hybrid Alarm, this means that both wired and wireless sensors can be connected to it. 
We advise that the batteries be replaced in your wireless devices about every 3 years, this keeps the devices running right. This can be done on one of the regular services, which will keep your cost down. 
We advise that you test your alarm regularly. This can be done by setting your alarm and then activating a zone, e.g open a window or door. We will test your alarm during our onsite service. Our customers can also have a remote service done by us. 


There are a range of cameras that can be installed when you are getting a CCTV system. We at Alarm-Tec can arrange an onsite visit to assess the premises and advise you on what type of system would best suit your needs. Unlike a lot of companies who would install the system that costs them the least and mark up the price on the customer claiming it can do more than it actually can. 
With high crime rates, more and more commercial customers are requesting that their CCTV system be monitored 24 hours a day. We at Alarm-Tec can connect your CCTV system to our Monitoring Station. A highly qualified control room operator will keep an eye on your property remotely. Your system will cause an alert which the operator can then view the camera's and if speakers are connected they can speak through the system to deter the intruders. This also works great in conjunction with your Intruder Alarm, if your alarm activates the operator can view the camera's and advise you whether it is a real activation or a false one. 
We at Alarm-Tec will connect your CCTV system to your phone via an app on the installation of the system. We do need to connect the system to your broadband for this to work. If you don't have broadband, don't worry, we can arrange this also. 
Once the keyholder has been alerted we continue to monitor the situation through the cameras. This is great for your keyholders responding to an alarm activation, a lot of pharmacy keyholders are female, the operator would stay on the line and view the camera's when the keyholder is entering the premises. This puts an end to keyholders responding blind to activations thus keeping them as safe as possible, and advising Gardai which way intruders go and their description so as to give the Gardai best possible chance of catching the intruder. 

Wireless Fire Detection FAQ's 

Yes, Alarm-Tec provides radio surveys for clients at a reasonable charge. 
Every type of device that exists on a standard fire alarm system, we supply the wireless equivalent - without the hassle of cables! 
The battery life on all FireCell devices is 5 years using batteries specified by the manufacturer. SmartCell devices have a battery life of 3 years. 
Yes, by using a multiple loop FireCell panel it is possible to have a dedicated loop of hardwired devices. 
Yes, the system is fully 3rd party tested to all relevant parts of EN54 (Alarm-Tec can share relevant certificates if required). 
For FireCell this depends on the size of panel, a single loop can have up to 126 devices. An eight loop can have up to 1,008 devices. SmartCell can have up to 32 fire devices and 32 information devices. 
The system infrastructure (Hub to RCC’s to Devices) is completely wireless; the only cable required is between the Radio Hub and control panel (CIE), that are located beside each other. 
The battery life on all FireCell devices is 5 years using batteries specified by the manufacturer. SmartCell devices have a battery life of 3 years. 

Medical Response Alarms 

Any elderly person or a person with a disability can have a Medical Response Alarm installed by us here at Alarm-Tec. 
Getting a Medical Response Alarm is easy, all you need to do is either make an application on our website or contact us via or phone us directly on the number on the website and we talk you through the application. 
If you do activate your Medical Response Alarm, you will get through to the Emergency Response Control Room, where a highly trained operator will speak to you through the unit itself. If you have pressed it accidentally then don't worry, if you do need assistance then the operator will contact your listed keyholders or the Emergency Services on your behalf. 
The range of the My Amie Pendant is approximately 50 meters. This means that in a normal 3 Bed house you should be able to wear it in your garden in case you need assistance. We can install a booster to increase the signal significantly. 
Our Medical Response Alarms suit a variety of needs. If you contact us here at Alarm-Tec we can tailor the system to suit yours or your relatives needs. 
No, all you need to do is contact us here at Alarm-Tec and we will arrange everything for you during the application process, it really is quite simple. 
Yes, unlike some other pendants that other companies are installing, the My Amie Pendant is waterproof. We do advise that you wear your Pendant at all times at home especially in the bathroom as unfortunately this is where a lot of accidents do occur. 
Your Emergency Response Alarm is programmed so as to alert you and the Emergency Response Control Room to low batteries automatically. A representative will contact you to arrange replacing these. This is approximately 7 years. 
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